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On the real.

Every compromise is capitulation.

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Fight shows I’m working on right now


ZOO STORY, Marquette University

MR. MARMALADE, Splinter Group

LEND ME A TENOR, Kettle Moraine High School


ROMEO AND JULIET, Homestead High School


SKIN TIGHT, Mercury Players

PHAEDRA’S LOVE, Luminous Theatre


TAPS, Pink Banana One Acts



OLEANNA, Alchemist Theatre



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21 Essential Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Presented in a chronological order, so that folks new to the series can follow somewhat of an arc that will give an indication of why Buffy is an important character and why the show left such a mark on the cultural landscape. But mostly on me.

Prophecy Girl – Season 1, Episode 12 (Finale)

Prophecy Girl: Buffy gets real.

Prophecy Girl: Buffy gets real.

What you need to know:

The first season received due criticism for being a camp, monster-of-the-week serial, but as the writers began to understand their characters, something truly unique emerged. The Master (Milwaukee native Mark Metcalf) managed to be menacing and mirthful at once, setting the standard for Buffy villains, though many would surpass him in importance to the series.

Why I love it:

The scene where Buffy learns of the prophecy and tries to quit is one of the most powerful performances Sarah Michelle Gellar has given and hinted at what the series would become. Certainly, it suffered from some Dawson’s Creek melodrama, but its portrayal of teen angst reached beyond its contemporaries into the realm of literature. And her renewed vigor when fighting The Master is simply the Buffy-est of moments. She quips boldly and fights the way we all wish we could.


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Just something I’ve been thinking on.


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Late at night, I try to write

I just finished a huge week of work. Freelance is very difficult to justify in a capitalist society. Even though I work sometimes in excess of 100 hours in a week, pounding through to-do lists and making things easier for our theater company or someone else’s, even though I am proud — even thrilled — with the amount of learning and progress I am making toward becoming a more complete web developer, even though I am conquering fear after fear to become a better person, I flinch when people ask me what I do.

There’s a certain degree of male self-importance here. A fellow actor asked me this innocuous question tonight: “What do you do?” Translated from actor-speak, that generally means “What is your day job? How do you pay your bills?” I felt a little shame in saying I was a freelance web developer, working from home. Through no particular fault of her own since we are trained to equate financial success with worth, I could see my value diminish in her estimation. I quickly mentioned that I had worked at some quite prestigious agencies before I quit to pursue my dream.

But I still struggle with it. And it does get in the way sometimes. I think my wife resents that she makes so much more than me, despite my semi-feminist belief that this is a good thing. I couldn’t make what she makes doing what I do, even if I commanded a proper salary for it. I’m just not in that kind of demand as a specialist. I also don’t really care to make that kind of money. We have everything we need, within reason, and if we had more money, we would just be wasteful with it under the guise of stress relief.

Often, I want to go back and live in a studio apartment. I crave that kind of simplicity. The feeling that at any moment maybe I would just move to Johannesburg or Taipei or Switzerland and just be me somewhere else. I know that’s a common fantasy, but the part I really treasure is the place from which the fantasies spring.

I’ve always required a sanctuary, and right now, that just is not possible. In the last few years, I’ve been saying all too frequently that in a few more weeks, my schedule clears up enough that I can take a weekend off and go to a workshop, or that I can finally start a regular D&D game with some friends. But what really happens is that I’m just on to the next ten-project quarter, desperately trying not to let anyone down, and failing most if not all those people in the process.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve managed some wonderful collaborations in the past year or so, ones of which I am undeniably proud. I just can’t help wondering if I would be more successful if I focused on one thing at a time. I’m not sure I’ve set myself up to make that happen.

This felt good. Maybe more of this.

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I kind of look like Ross Kemp.

I know all bald guys look alike. I get compared to just about all of them at some point, but this one’s pretty close. If I ever had to be a lookey-likey, this would probably be the one. I wouldn’t mind his career, either, BBC; I do stunts.

Ross and me

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Comment spam as art, once again.

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From Dan Harmon’s Harmontown

Stop saying you love me! It’s a sure-fire way to lose my respect! I hate myself.

Thank you. I suck, yes, I suck. But, I rule.

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Another Dream

From July 25th-

Starring in some undisclosed play and having a reasonable time before I needed to be on stage, I followed the spritely actress between the hanging laundry that formed the layered walls of the stage back to the cramped passage that led into the bottom of the tower.

It was starlight then, when it hadn’t been before and as she disappeared around a corner in the red candle light of the stone passage, I heard noise behind me. My feet hovering just above the ground, I noiselessly slid around the corner to see another cherubic actress chasing after the first.

She must have seen me and pursued, because she eventually caught me, taking my arm and placing her cheek against my shoulder as we walked. We were not paramours, but she treated me with an affection I craved in the dream.

When I awoke, that arm was asleep.

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It happens this way sometimes and people are so surprised. But it ain’t like love just dies, it just transmogrifies.

Not meant to imply anything about my current relationship, but past ones… certainly.

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