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21 Essential Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Presented in a chronological order, so that folks new to the series can follow somewhat of an arc that will give an indication of why Buffy is an important character and why the show left such a mark on the cultural landscape. But mostly on me.

Prophecy Girl – Season 1, Episode 12 (Finale)

Prophecy Girl: Buffy gets real.

Prophecy Girl: Buffy gets real.

What you need to know:

The first season received due criticism for being a camp, monster-of-the-week serial, but as the writers began to understand their characters, something truly unique emerged. The Master (Milwaukee native Mark Metcalf) managed to be menacing and mirthful at once, setting the standard for Buffy villains, though many would surpass him in importance to the series.

Why I love it:

The scene where Buffy learns of the prophecy and tries to quit is one of the most powerful performances Sarah Michelle Gellar has given and hinted at what the series would become. Certainly, it suffered from some Dawson’s Creek melodrama, but its portrayal of teen angst reached beyond its contemporaries into the realm of literature. And her renewed vigor when fighting The Master is simply the Buffy-est of moments. She quips boldly and fights the way we all wish we could.


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Yes. God Yes.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Act 1 is now live. And my life is that much brighter.

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Yes, please.

Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

Stolen from Tim, who was given it rightfully by BB.

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LOLGRUES is possibly my favorite variation on the whole LOL meme. If you don’t get it, don’t sweat it.


Pierce it.

Tim sent me this demo of how item use and physics, rather than graphics alone, are getting an overhaul in the latest installment of Alone in the Dark. Interesting, but still not as open-ended as a system a colleague of mine was describing where every item in a game would have a socket and combining items would be organic and almost alchemical.

In his explanation, a flowerpot item and a flamethrower item could be combined, for example. It may end up with nothing terribly useful, but in the real world — if you wanted to — you could somehow “combine” those two things, so why not in the virtual? It’s a concept that he understands intrinsically, and of which I am stuck in the arithmetic, but interesting, nonetheless.

This video demonstrates some “real world rules” that I hope are a first step in that direction.

Gametrailers.com – Alone in the Dark 5 – Tech Demo Episode 1 HD

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Because the night belongs to lovers…

Non-sequitir title aside, my company rules. At our awesome party this weekend, we were each given an iPod Touch. We were also given the option of trading it in for in-store credit. Therefore, I am proud to present:

Me with my new iPhone. Total cost? $130 if you include the new data plan and the screen protector.


Yeah, bitches.


From the Chronicles of my Day Job

The sort of idea that *should* be prominent on the web: flexible content design. Having dealt with only mass email marketing for the past couple of weeks, I pray for someone else to understand that print and web media are as different as paint and clay.

Epitonic.com: Your Source for Cutting-Edge Music

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I need not explain more. This is simply beautiful.

So I guess I got kicked off another My Little Pony Forum « Robotman. (the blog)


Everyday Guy Rap

Thanks, Tim.

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Halo is no big deal.

This about sums it up. I know that from the perspective of match-making systems and other such meta-information about the game, it has made some strides, but the experience that my friends are having does not include that. So what are people going on about? (I mean, about what are people going on? ACK! Prepositions galore! About what are people on-going?)

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