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Take a break

Stories of great men, apocryphal or otherwise, depict them as being singularly committed to their goals. Lest we create idols of them, however, the story then changes to their support system, typically their wives. In these stories, the wives are constantly grounding them in reality, asking them to relax for a moment, which then allows them greater perspective and leads to their greatest breakthroughs.

Similarly, when I entrench myself in my work, my satisfaction increases. I cannot equate myself with these great men, because I allow myself distraction too frequently. Validation arrives too late in the case of work, which kills my spirit in the form of impatience. When people want release from their obligations, I cannot understand it. If one cares enough to commit themselves to the completion of a work, then how can one take any satisfaction in the release from the pursuit of its completion, if not perfection? Late nights, frustration, starvation, weight gain, loss of friendship: any of these casualties become necessary under the burden of creation, because what else even exists?

Supporting characters obviously earn their place in history, but if I must ascend to feel worthy…

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