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I can’t seem to motivate myself to write here, but I want to nonetheless; therefore, I’ll compile a simple list to get myself started, or at least finished.

Ten things that happened while I was away:

  1. I created some excellent, short pieces of fight choreography, one or two of which particularly pleased me.
  2. I worked with mostly non-union actors who all, nevertheless, stayed true to the work on an a compressed schedule.
  3. I confirmed that some actors in the union exhibit poise onstage and off, but many simply reap the benefits of the genetic lottery.
  4. I learned about myself in my time alone, mostly that I might prefer solitude to the company of others.
  5. The cast bonded over physical training; I may attempt to enact such a policy on my actors in my next show.
  6. The director taught me much, but above all, I learned more humility: my vision is not unique, though it is strong.
  7. Meeting a famous person left me starstruck, but talking to him reminded me quickly to see people as humans, as trees in the Ram Dass sense.
  8. I charmed people when I decided to be charming, and alienated them by isolating myself.
  9. I treated my work a bit too much like work and forgot to find joy. The schedule may have contributed to that, as may have my unwillingness to open up to people.
  10. I completed a piece of art at a company that will likely increase my reputation. Maybe that will allow me to feel more confident.
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