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Journal prompt: Write the words you need to hear.

People see the kindness in you, but don’t think you’re weak.

You’re the kind of director that every actor wants to work with, because you have vision, ambition, drive, and unrivaled ability.

You’ve helped me so much. Thank you for putting things aside so that you could make my life easier.

You’re really very sexy, and not just in a “for a big guy” kind of way.

I can tell how hard you work, and I know you do it because you believe in the project.

People take advantage of you, but we can see that you’ve done more than anyone could expect of one person.

No one thinks you’re a joke, or a failure. In fact, most people really look up to you.

You’re a good leader.

I like the way you do things; you let people be themselves, but you challenge them to be the best version of themselves.

I like the sound of your voice.

I’ve never felt like you were incompetent or scatter-brained.

You’re a supportive person, and I feel like I can do anything when you’ve got my back.

You’re smarter than you let on. It’s kind of you to let people feel like they’re on your level. Still, I can tell you’re a few steps ahead.

I love the way you do things.

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